Our refund policy

You ordered a shirt from us but it arrived either damaged or we accidentally sent the wrong design, what do you do? You contact us at orders@thegentlesirs.com and tell us what happened. 

Because we are using a third party fulfillment center to produce our shirts, we have decided to ditch returns completely. This saves both time and money, for us and for you. Instead we are offering refunds, but only if there has been a mistake on our end. If we for example sent the wrong size, the wrong design or if the shirt arrives damaged we will give you a refund.

Please note that ordering a t-shirt and then realizing you don’t like the design is not a valid excuse for wanting a refund, you have all the time in the world to decide whether you like it or not.

We have the right to deny you a refund if we find your reason vague.

With that said, we refund the majority of our customers because everyone has been pretty much awesome in providing proof. The refund process will be a lot faster if you send us an email with a picture attached (upload your image to Imgur and send us the link) and an explanation of what is wrong.