Pun Shirts

Pun Shirts

Here’s a tricky question for you, are “bad jokes” really bad if they make you laugh? We think bad jokes are the best type of joke, that is why we have designed a multitude of t shirts with puns on them. If you’re not familiar with puns, it’s basically taking two words that sound similar but have different meanings, and making a joke out of this.

Our pun tee shirts

Our pun shirts are crafted with passion and love. Not only do we pick create compelling and funny graphics, we make sure to create pun tees of the highest quality. We do this by searching far and wide on the world wide web, choosing only the best puns out there. Every pun we find go through a series of test, this is to ensure it will survive the test of time. If it doesn’t pass our tests, we throw it back into cyberspace again.

We always try to make our puns as readable as possible, after all, if people cannot read them they’re not that fun, right?

What is a pun exactly?

If you still don’t understand our pun shirts, here comes a detailed but easy to understand explanation.

A pun, which is also called paronomasia, is simply put a play on words. It takes advantage of multiple meanings of a certain word, or words that sound very similar but are spelled differently. The sole purpose of a pun is to be humorous, just like our t-shirts. That’s why they’re such a good fit.

A lot of people tend to think that puns are something relatively new, but the fact is that they have been around for centuries. Yeah, you read that right, people had bad humor centuries ago as well. To make it even weirder, some scientists have credited puns to be driving fundamentals behind the human civilization! If you want to learn more about the history of puns, we recommend reading the Wikipedia page.