French Bulldog T Shirts

french bulldog t shirt

French bulldogs are the coolest type of dog, no questions asked. With their big ears, squishy faces and goofy behavior it’s hard to not love them. This is also the reason we have a whole page dedicated to french bulldog t shirts! Oh, in case you were confused, this is french bulldog clothing for humans. If you want to dress up your best buddy, you’re on the wrong store!

Our French Bulldog Tees

All of our french bulldog t shirts are printed in the US and Europe, meaning you are guaranteed to get a high quality shirt that will last you a long time. That means you get to show your love for frenchies for many years to come.

These shirts are made from 100% ring-spin cotton. The fabric weighs around 4.5 oz meaning it’s a soft and lightweight yet durable material. It’s also pre-shrunk so there will be no nasty surprises when you put this in the washing machine. 

Every design you see is created from scratch by our talented designers. We get our inspiration from various of sources, but most of it comes from Kiwi, our designers own frenchie.

What is a french bulldog exactly?

If you for some reason have never heard of a french bulldog, here’s a quick rundown of why this is the best dog on planet earth.

They first came into existence when British people mixed with some kind of ancestor to the regular bulldog with a rat terrier, this was way back in the 1800s. Since then they have exploded in popularity and in 2017 they were rated the most popular dog in Australia.

Sadly these little goofballs do not come without their health issues. Like most dogs with shorts snouts it’s very common to have problems breathing. This makes it hard for them to regulate their body temperature, meaning they need extra care if they are to live in a place which is extra warm. It’s also common for frenchies to suffer from back and spine pain, this is due they were chosen from a dwarf breed.  Putting their health issues aside, most frenchies don’t seem to care that much and much rather enjoy living the good life. You can find more information about the breed on Wikipedia.

Still not convinced? Then watch this compilation and tell us you don’t find these dogs adorable!