Who Are These Fine Gentlemen?

We’re a bunch of graphic designers that have a passion for making cool designs. You could categorize our brand as a novelty brand, meaning most of our shirts are made to entertain you and the people around you. We don’t think you should take life so seriously, which we hope our t-shirts reflect. Most of our designs fit into the “novelty” area, meaning they are funny, random or just plain weird in one way or another. If you’re like us and think life is too short to take it seriously, you’ve found your soulmates.¬†We’ve been in business since late 2014 and can be found on Amazon, Etsy and now our very own store.

We want to thank our customers for supporting us, if you have a bought a shirt from us you are part of the reason why we still exist. If you want to help us grow, why not stop a stranger on the street and show them your awesome shirt you got from us? Do the world a favor and spread the joy, make the world a happier place!